4 Online Earning Platforms for Photographers

Online earning is diversely branched and classified; it has room for people of all talents and skills. With online earning, people are making millions a day. It does not matter if you are a graduate or not. It does not matter if your native language is not English; it will still serve you and provide you with equal opportunities.

If you are a photographer and planning to expand your photography business on online platforms, then here are some of the profitable websites photographers can adapt to cash their talent into some cash.

Some sites pay exceptionally well to photographers, somewhere like $100 per image. But that depends on the quality of pictures, the captured beauty, and the expertise of the photographer.

Check out the following list for some of the great sites that can pay you exceptionally well for your photographs.

#1 500px Prime:

500px Prime is a worldwide photography platform, where photographers come together to publish their images and get heavily paid for them. Content writing and blogging has taken a massive leap over the last decade. With the gain in these fields, the demand for stock photos has ultimately increased as they serve as a great source of reference and adds to the beauty of the content.

Over 5 million photographers are using this platform to display their talent. They get 70% of the share of the total price of the sold pic. The average pic on 500px Prime retails at $250. That can easily get you up to $100 per picture.

 Besides the astonishing price the site is paying to the publishers, it also provides you with a chance of pursuing your career.

All you have to do is to sign up on 500px Prime for free of cost and start publishing your photographs. But you need to post pictures on the platform from time to time to get yourself in the notice of visitors quickly.

#2 iStock:

Getty images own the iStock. It is in the online market since 2001, so it has quite a big circle of distributors, and it appreciates the new talent in the industry. They can pay you as low as 15% of the share in the sale in your starting days. But if you publish a picture with Exclusive status, then you can get the share even up to 45%.

All you have to do is to fill a form, take a short quiz, and upload some of your sample work. The iStock team will review your application and will let you know if you have qualified for the position.

The point is to be noted that to get the position of a photographer on iStock is relatively tricky as the site is a household name in the industry that claims no compromise on the quality of their photos.


Shutterstock is another excellent platform for uploading pictures. You can earn up to $120 from this site. You can also earn on these sites by referring photographers and customers.

Referring to customers can help you to make up to $200 on the first purchase made by the customer.

But Shutterstock comes with relatively a different pricing system as compared to the pricing policies of the other sites. It pays you a meager amount of $0.25 every time your picture is downloaded, but it has a lifetime policy. You will receive the cash every time any viewer or user downloads. So, it can be a relatively good source of life-long passive income.

Getty Images:

It is a  British-American company that supplies stock photos and editorial photos with over 200 million assets. Getty images is another great platform for photographers to publish their pictures over the site and earn cash whenever any consumer downloads it.

However, Getty images provide you with a share of only 20% of the total sale. But still, photographers prefer it over any other platform, because it is undoubtedly the most significant platform to look for best photographers. And any photographer would surely want to give his material to the best buyers and companies.

These were some of the great ways to get yourself into the online photography business. Photographers are making three figures a month by just joining these third parties to sell their pics at a relatively high price.

They not only provide substantial platforms but by signing up for these platforms, you dont have to worry about finding and dealing with clients. It is all upon them. Your concern is just with capturing the beauty within the camera lens, making this online photography system much convenient and reliable.

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